Course Fees

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc (UK) 3 years Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €12700/14000

Postgraduates Programmes

MSc (UK) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €17000/19000

MBA (UK) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €24000

Executive MBA (US) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €45000

Masters 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €20000

MBA 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €25000

Short Courses

Short Courses
Registration: £600
Tutition: £4500 registration fee including the internship Visa permitting.
Summer courses: £2500 for each course per session all included.
Individual modules: £1250 including registration.

Short Courses
Registration: €600
Tuition: €4500
The internship (optional) has an additional price of €1000.
Individual modules (minimum 2) are €2800 registration fee included.

Short courses: €600 registration fee + €4500 tuition fee
Summer course (2-week full programme on campus and in/around Florence): €600 registration fee + €3000 tuition fee + €1400 for accommodation, meals and extra activities (total €5000)
Music Master classes (5-day summer course with high-level professional musicians):
4-8 July Guitar master classes €250
11-15 July Saxophone master classes €250
18-22 July Violin master classes €250
28 Aug-1 Sept Viola/piano/chamber music master classes €300

Short Courses
Registration fee: €600
Tuition fee: €5000
Summer course:
Learning Spanish language and culture in Madrid €3590 (4 weeks programme on campus and around Madrid). Accoumodation is not included.

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Michele Vietri

Student: Michele Vietri Citizenship: Italian Programme and Year: BSc, 2nd year, Management Campus: Florence Internship Company: Dezan Shira and Associates Location: Beijing, China   My name is Michele Vietri and I am a second year Management student of the Bachelor in Business Administration at the ESE campus in Florence. This year I was highly motivated to seek an...

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