Course Fees

Undergraduate Programmes

BSc (UK) 3 years Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €12700/14000

Postgraduates Programmes

MSc (UK) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €17000/19000

MBA (UK) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: €1600
Tuition: €24000

Executive MBA (US) 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €45000

Masters 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €20000

MBA 1 year Italy - Spain
Registration: $4500
Tuition: €25000

Short Courses

Short Courses
Registration: £600
Tutition: £4500 registration fee including the internship Visa permitting.
Summer courses: £2500 for each course per session all included.
Individual modules: £1250 including registration.

Short Courses
Registration: €600
Tuition: €4500
The internship (optional) has an additional price of €1000.
Individual modules (minimum 2) are €2800 registration fee included.

Short courses: €600 registration fee + €4500 tuition fee
Summer course (2-week full programme on campus and in/around Florence): €600 registration fee + €3000 tuition fee + €1400 for accommodation, meals and extra activities (total €5000)
Music Master classes (5-day summer course with high-level professional musicians):
4-8 July Guitar master classes €250
11-15 July Saxophone master classes €250
18-22 July Violin master classes €250
28 Aug-1 Sept Viola/piano/chamber music master classes €300

Short Courses
Registration fee: €600
Tuition fee: €5000
Summer course:
Learning Spanish language and culture in Madrid €3590 (4 weeks programme on campus and around Madrid). Accoumodation is not included.

Alumni voices

Benedetta Amadi

After finishing secondary school, Benedetta Amadi enrolled in the European School of Economics in Milan where, as part of her four year programme, she had the opportunity to complete a six months specialization course at Esmod, a school of fashion design in Paris, followed by an internship of six months in the Burberry press office in London. Benedetta Amadi graduated at ESE after spending...

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