Level Three Leadeship Summer Course

You and Your Role
Managing Yourself
Managing Others
Getting the Best of Your Team



START DAY: Monday 1ST June 2015

DURATION: 12 Weekly Classes

COST: £ 390, 00

Tutor Info:
Joanna Voulgaropoulos (MBA, MA, B.Ed., and Cert in Academic Practice) has got extensive national and international teaching experience and supports our Short Term Courses, delivering lectures in Hospitality, Marketing and Events Management. She is a specialized in Marketing Management & Business Strategy and helps people to learn and develop their own professional skills. Her track record covers projects of all sizes and budgets, from street and sporting through to conferences and hospitality events.

What I will learn?
This course is about learning to make a difference as a leader. It promotes the view that many leaders, especially those raised and trained and experienced in Industrial Age Organizations, have learned to lead what can be called Level One, focusing on behaviour and often ignoring o undervaluing opportunities to influence people at Level Two, their thinking, and at Level Three, their values and basic assumptions about how the world operates.
The goal of this course is to provide practical principles of leadership that get beneath the surface, that intend to influence others’ thinking and feeling rather than just their behaviour. In this, the module attempts to present a practical perspective of leadership rather than a theoretical one.
The course is intended for practicing managers who, on their own or in connection with ongoing studies in executive MBA, Bachelor or Short Term Courses, who want to learn more about effective leadership.

Teaching and Assessment
Informal assessment will take place through group discussion, class room activities, and questions and answers sessions, as guided by your tutor.

INFO: info@eselondon.ac.uk

Course Fees

Download the Brochure (~69KB)

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